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10 Eye Signs That You Simply Can Not Miss


We are a bunch of blessed souls, living a life of serenity. We must value the things that we have been gifted with. After life, vision is the sole medium to experience and relish the beauty of the world. Although, there are times when we tend to ignore the signs of discomfort our sight tries to provide us. And that is where we are going all wrong.

There are a few prior signs and signals which our sight gives us or you can say the “warning signals” that our eyes are giving us about a supposedly worse condition that might happen. So, here are a few eye signs which one must not ignore in order to keep the eye-sight healthy.

Redness of Eyes

Redness can be caused by different mediums such as change in weather, contact with some foreign object etc. Your eyes might get red even if you are not taking proper sleep. But, one should not miss such a signal because this redness might be a signal for an immediate attack of narrow-angle glaucoma. This can also damage the optic of the eye permanently.

Too many floaters

Basically, eye-floaters are the sticky secretes or the Cobwebs that tend to obstruct the vision of eyes. These floaters are caused by Vitreous Detachment which is a common phenomenon in ageing eyes. In case you are witnessing this secretion frequently, and in an abnormal amount, then you must visit your eye-specialist. This causes detachment of the eye-gel from the retina which can be serious threat to the eye-sight.

Astigmatism or Double images

These can be called the Ghost images which occur in front of the eyes due to different problems. At times it is because of stroke or some health issue but there are times when such conditions might direct to a bigger problem in future. Thus, it is very important to consult a doctor to take proper care of the situation.

Blurry visions

After a certain age, blurry visions start occurring in single or both the eyes. This is the time when your eyes are growing the Macular Hole in retina which, kind of, disturbs the focus. But, if you are experiencing this on regular basis or if you are too young to be undergoing such changes, rush to your doctor as soon as possible.

Constant Headaches

Although, this is quite a common case amongst the working population as we are made to sit against the mobile screens, laptops etc. causing excess strain to the eyes. Whereas, in some cases, it can go severe to indicate that now is the time to run for a perfect eyeglass. If you are experiencing continuous headaches then it is possible that you might have Myopia or Hypermetropia.

In any case you might have to get a good pair of eyeglasses to avoid worsening the condition. You can shop for a classy pair from lenskart coupons to get better discounts and value backs.

Color Blindness

Is it hard for you to differentiate between two different colors? Or about their intensity? That can be the case of color blindness where a person takes really hard on distinguishing colors but fails to absorb the intensity. The early stages can be cured if consulted on time. Color blindness is mostly found in men from all age groups.

Hazy or weaker vision in night

If, by any chance, you are undergoing symptoms such as hazy vision, weak night vision, double/triple vision, you must not ignore the signs and rush to your eye-specialist. Such are the signals of an eye problem called cataract. In this case, the person might lose the sight permanently. Cataract should be removed and cured immediately.

Pain in the eyes

Eye pain is not supposed to be ignored. Sometimes it is because of some weather change, insertion of a foreign object or eye injury. But, otherwise, if you are experiencing such a pain then you need to see a doctor real soon.

Difficulty in adjusting light

This comes when your eyes are finding it difficult to adjust the intensity of light from sunlight to dark. Such signs might reflex into being bigger eye-sight difficulties.


Swelling around the eyes can be normal but most of the times it is very dangerous. Swelling might occur due to more strain and sleepless days but it is also a sign of infection. Do not let the signals go unrecognized.

These were some warning signals which are supposed to be taken care of if one wants his/her eyes to stay healthy. Next time you undergo any such issue, consult a doctor before the condition worsens.

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