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5 exclusive branded sports glasses to buy at cheap price


As the global sports eyewear industry is steadily growing at almost 4.5 percent, its market itself is divided by a lot of factions led by innovation, quality, and price. The steady growth also indicates that the demand for product customization is rising while the market is expanding to consume more than ever; however, market dynamics is shifting rapidly from the West to Asia.

How much do the sports glasses cost? Are they Cheap?

If you are a fashionable and an admired sportsperson, then cheap may not suit you at ease.  For some rare cases, cheap sports glasses do find their way to even the most extravagant people. 

Moving into the sports section, the trend is almost similar here; however, sports remain the wear and tear game itself and both forms of sports eyeglasses are acceptable in the market, i.e. both cheap and expensive ones. 

The uncanny situation comes in the form of quality rather than price. For a sportsperson, the eye gear or eyeglass are meant to fit them comfortably and allow them to focus and play the game flawlessly.  Some cheap glasses may not be able to offer that due to bad craftsmanship/manufacturing aka quality. 

Sports eyeglasses are not only meant to cover your eyes from dust and polluting compounds but also contribute to fashion and impression. As appealing as a sportsperson could be.

Amateur and undergraduate sportspersons, on the other hand, may often look to procure cheap sports glasses in favour of style, trend, and price. Quality may be compromised in such cases.

Hence, cheap glasses meant for sports come in various price packages. A moderate quality at an affordable price may cost you below $80. The branded ones start from $150 and the exclusive branded sports glasses may cost you more than $300-$500. They aren’t cheap at all in both price and quality.

Expert’s note: If you are looking for cheap eyeglasses below $30-$50, then you may not receive a good quality one. They may have uneven structures with sharp frame ends that may cut to your skin or hurt your ears/nose.

Ways to check frames of cheap sports glasses for the best quality

For a sportsperson, frames of their eye gear must be comfortable enough to not get annoyed. Cutting-edge technology and innovation have led to a drastic change in the development of frames. The frames made of metal were supposed to be heavier; but, the current market is dominated by metal frames that are much lighter than their plastic counterparts.

Frames have evolved into thinner, less hulking, and fashionable on par with the 2021 trend. 

What quality should frames of sports glasses possess?
Impact-resistant, Stress-resistant, high durability against potential crashes and comfort fit with rubber pads. Even the best cheap sunglasses are meant to have a 3-point fit to offer ultimate comfort and concentration power. 

What is the best protective sports eyewear?
The best protective sports glass must possess ultra-lightweight with a belt strap to fit tightly yet comfortably.

Qualities of branded prescription sports glasses
They have the capability to provide you best HD optics for precision and robust design/structure.

Qualities of mountaineering or high-altitude sports glasses
These kinds of glasses will have impact resistance with strong frames while they use polycarbonate and acetate lenses to provide optimum visibility and fog-free quality.

Check these 5 branded sport glasses you can buy at cheap price

Sl. No. Product (Gender) Frame Material & Shape Lens Material & Color Rating
1 Dirty Dog Swivel Polarized 53411 (Men) Plastic & Wraparound Polycarbonate & Grey 4/5
2 Alpina NACAN I A8649331 (Men) Plastic & Square Ceramic & Blue Mirror 4.5/5
3 Ryders CALIBER R00110B (Unisex) TR90 & Wraparound Polycarbonate & Grey 4.5/5
4 Arise Collective X WWF ReefCycle Grey Recycled moulded plastic & Square Polycarbonate & Full Grey 5/5
5 Sinner Firebug (Box) SISU-535 30-90B Plastic & Wraparound Polycarbonate and Blue 3.5/5

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