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Blurn Launches SEO & Digital Marketing Services in Australia


BLURN stands for “Best Leverage Your Ultimate Returns Now”

We are a leading digital marketing agency with a team of experts with the experience to handle digital marketing services. For more than 13 years, we have been considered as an extension of our client’s team as we aim to keep their profit a top priority. We ensure that every dollar a client spends on SEO and digital services is fruitful and rewarding. 

Blurn launches SEO & digital marketing services in Australia. By doing so, we aim to work closely with you, to make sure all your digital marketing needs are fulfilled at each stage.

Digital Marketing

This is a form of advertising delivered using various digital channels such as emails, search engines, social media websites, and so on. Businesses would require the help of such digital channels to increase customers and to retain existing customers. 

Types of Digital Marketing 

Pay Per Click Advertising: It means to pay for each click made by the user. When an advertisement pops up in a search engine, a user may click it out of interest. The user may or may not purchase the product or opt for the services. However, the business should pay for each click made. We have PPC experts who can set up advertisements for your business. We also monitor the advertisement campaigns frequently to make improvements.

Search Engine Optimisation: Ranking pages organically is not an easy task. It takes time and effort to optimize the search engine to rank your website. Also, paying for every click is not required as it is an organic ranking. At Burn, we have SEO experts who can help you optimize the web pages organically for search engine results.

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO): It helps in improving online user experience. Businesses mostly use CRO to gain more conversions (sales, leads, etc.) from their existing website visitors.

 Content Marketing: These words have a broad definition.  Anything to do with the usage of content assets for digital marketing comes under content marketing. It can be blog posts, infographics, e-books, videos, etc. 

Benefits of Digital Marketing

Having a strong digital presence is always an advantage. We at Blurn can help you establish a strong and effective online presence in SEO and Digital Marketing. It helps with the following:

  • Creates awareness followed by engagement before and after the same, of a product/ services.
  • Induces new buyers/customers to favor the products/services so that they choose the product/service.
  • Social sharing such as word-of-mouth and benefits related to it.
  • Reduces the buyer’s journey and effort to opt for products/services
  • The most cost-effective way to market a business.
  • Measurable form of marketing.
  • Allows targeting of ideal buyers.
  • The buyer can shop online from any part of the world.
  • Connect with people who prefer Smartphone shopping.
  • Quickly and easily adopts a strategy for the best results.
  • Allows the business to be more competitive.

Reasons Why You Should Opt For Digital Marketing

Since we’ve launched Digital Marketing Services in Australia, find out the reasons why you should opt for digital marketing and SEO services.

Affordability: When compared to other forms of marketing methods, digital marketing is more affordable. However, the affordability factor may vary based on what you’re looking to do. 

Mobile-Friendly: Most people use smartphones for shopping, reading news and doing many other activities. With mobile-friendly ads, email, and text message marketing along with social media, we can use any or all forms of marketing to reach your audience through their mobile phones for you. Contact Us to know more.

Offers Flexibility:  Digital marketing opens up a wide range of possibilities for implementing various strategies. With digital marketing, there is always the flexibility of testing and optimizing poorly performing campaigns to achieve excellent results. We can do this for you. We also offer many other services related to digital marketing. 

Expansion: Many consumers prefer to do most of their shopping online. Digital marketing lets you target these people and expand the reach of your company. It can also help in expanding brand recognition and boost sales. We can help you achieve your dream of increasing brand recognition. Know more about why you should choose us as your digital marketing expert!

Attraction to Multimedia: Admit to the harsh truth that people prefer to see colorful pictures and videos rather than a long manuscript. A big essay can be a turn-off for most people. Customers tend to engage more with materials that contain multiple forms of content like photos, video clips, and audio. Hence, focusing on what attracts the customers is very important, just as how we do it at Blurn

Interaction: One of the highlights of digital marketing is that it lets the business communicate directly with their customers through messages, comments, reviews, and social media posts. It can make the customers feel respected and part of the community. It also allows you to gather invaluable information on customer preferences. 

Tracking: Besides communicating with customers, digital marketing helps in tracking customer preferences. It helps in monitoring the type of content they have seen right before the purchase. It can provide awareness of the marketing methods that proved most effective. We can help in refining and improving the strategy implemented following the tracking.

Authority: Digital marketing can help in disclosing information on various products and services offered. It will help your customers come back for more information and eventually make a purchase. Digital marketing can thus provide a particular view of the customer regarding the brand or company. It makes the customer feel that your company is an industry expert – which you undoubtedly are! This aspect makes customers trust your brand or business.

Helps Expand Print Marketing: Digital marketing helps in expanding print marketing efforts. By writing online content for the print ads, delving into greater detail is a possibility. It can also maximize the effectiveness of publicity and integrate the campaigns. 

Influencer Engagement: Influential figures such as celebrities, film stars, etc. in modern culture promote themselves either online or through social media. Digital marketing can help in engaging with these influencers. If they endorse your brand, their followers can become your customers. Therefore, it can spread brand awareness.


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