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How to Password Protect, Lock and Secure Cloud Data Files


Android and iOS platforms

Android phones are known for the convenience they offer and stand out against their rivals in doing what they do best. The majority of the users prefer android as they prefer quantity over quality. iOS users however are loyal to their own platform as they want their devices running smoothly without any hindrance. The difference between the two is that android offers multiple features that make their devices slower with the passage of time. iPhone users do not face such a problem as there isn’t much to do on your iPhone.

However, with the launch of every new iPhone, the previous version becomes slower to give the new device a sparkling edge of why you as a user must switch. All the upgrades are all the same and such tactics of slowing down the previous versions help them sell more and more of the same technology with a different appearance. Android users usually experience their devices becoming slow with the passage of time as the more data they store in their devices the more they suffer. Hence, life becomes a living hell in this state as you either switch your phone or purchase a memory card to keep ongoing.

Cloud secure review

Luckily cloud storage came into existence where you may get rid of such a problem easily by storing your data on the cloud. You do this and remove the data from your phone to improve the performance of your device. However, we won’t be too sure about whether your data stays safe in the cloud as a third party is handling your data. Hence, concerns remain in existence and hard to ignore. Therefore, to help our readers we decided to come up with a solution in the form of an app known as cloud secure. Read on the features of this app to know whether it fulfills your needs or not.


  • Multiple clouds account security

This app lets you use and protect almost four cloud accounts at a single time. For instance, it covers Dropbox, Google Drive, Box Account, and One Drive.

  • Panic switch

In case if someone approaches you suddenly and you are working on something confidential, try the panic switch option to hide your activity. All you have to do is a flick, shake, or place the palm of your hand on the screen to switch to another app.

  • Multiple security methods

You can set a strong password, a PIN, or a pattern to keep your data protected by all means necessary.

  • Hack attempt monitoring

Whenever someone in your presence or while you are away trying to access to your account or makes wrong login attempts, the app would automatically take photos of you’re the culprit letting you know who exactly should you never trust. The front camera of the phone issued to capture the images and the person wouldn’t even know that his/her picture has been taken.

Last words

NewSoftwares.net Cloud secure overall seemed adequate to our expectations and worked well. The best thing is it offers security for more than one cloud account which is quite necessary. However, the app took a bit extra time in doing what it was told to do.

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