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The 5 Things to Consider Before Buying a Home


Most people ‘rush’ to buy a house, apartment or property without considering what this great movement really implies or considering the investment that will last for many years, so here we tell you what are the five things you should know before taking that big step.


The first thing you should consider before starting the search for your next home is to know your budget, because from that figure you can start visiting different houses that suit your ability to pay, take into account your income and expenses And so you will know what is the percentage of your money that you can allocate for the payment of the property, consider that said amount is not greater than 40% of your salary, so that you do not get so ‘tables’ each month.


The second step that you should consider before buying a property is to apply for a mortgage loan, either a bank, FOVISSSTE or INFONAVIT, whichever you choose, and once said loan is pre-approved, you can start looking for your ideal home. As a recommendation, it is better to choose a loan with a term of 15 years, as this way you will pay less interest to the financial institution.


Another thing that you should consider before taking the big step of acquiring a property is to think about your future and that of your family , as this will help you to carry out a search according to your needs. Investing in a property is not only a matter of the present, as this investment will be in the future, so start imagining how you will look in a few years and then you will know what you need in your home.

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