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Tips to Stop Coke With Some Easy Tips


Cocaine is the second most abused illicit product in France (around 400 000 users). Medical care is structured. According to the recommendations of the Orange County drug detox experts, patients treated for cocaine addiction do not need to be hospitalized. But they are closely followed in consultation by addictologists. With this program, 70% are abstinent at twelve months.

Detoxification: multidisciplinary care

Patients come to consult these specialists when they can no longer manage their consumption. They are overwhelmed by events; many have problems in their relationship or at work. And some have health concerns. The weaning phase, which overcomes the physical and psychic need for cocaine, lasts about three weeks. At the heart of the device, “motivational interviews” help the patient to “reinforce his desire to change”.

In parallel, a drug treatment helps him to pass this difficult course. At the moment, no drug has marketing authorization for the withdrawal of cocaine. At high doses, it reduces the irrepressible desire for cocaine. No medicine is miraculous, but associated with psychotherapy is obviously a help.

Cocaine: prevention of relapses

The relapse prevention is the longest stage and most difficult. The consultations are spaced every fortnight. The drugs used change: they are molecules that have an action on the brain, such as the antiepileptic drug Topiramate.

The type of psychotherapy is also different: it now aims to put in place strategies to resist cravings to consume. In parallel, background work is started with a psychologist to go beyond the cocaine symptom.

Recognize that you have a problem

In the first place, before carrying out any change of behavior or making a decision, you must be firm with yourself, and openly acknowledge that you have an addiction problem and therefore you are prepared to receive the help of a professional to overcome it.

Without this first step, it will not be possible to begin the next stages of the change. Once recognized the problem, essential to begin a detoxification treatment, we can begin to consider a new life without addictions.You have to understand that even if you consume only sporadically, if you continue to consume each time it will be more difficult for you to convince your brain to stop needing that substance.

Seek support

If you want to leave it alone, it will be tremendously difficult. Find the closest people and ask them for help.When you stop consuming, sooner or later you will need someone to support you, to give you advice, encourage you and understand you.Look for those people, the more you have the better for you, they will be fundamental for you to win the battle to cocaine. Do not try to carry this entire burden by yourself.

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