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Traveling in Spain in Times of Coronavirus


The coronavirus pandemic has fully impacted our lives and the way we travel . Tourism has been one of the most affected sectors: flights, hotels, restaurants and all kinds of activities. But with the proper precautions, we can continue to travel despite SARS COVID-19. One of the simplest options to travel in times of coronavirus is to travel through your own country, in my case traveling through Spain.

If you want to travel, here I am going to give you some tips to minimize the risk of contagion by COVID-19 corovavirus on your trips through Spain . I will tell you what type of destination to choose or what type of travel conditions are most advisable to minimize risks, etc. To travel through Spain I recommend you read this guide to the best destinations to Travel through Spain .

I have not stayed at home and I plan to continue traveling despite COVID-19 . What I tell you here is partly my own experience. I am trying to document myself as much as possible to include more information and links with tips for traveling in times of coronavirus. The first of my tips these days is to get good anti-COVID-19 travel insurance . Also …..

Where to travel in Spain in times of coronavirus
It is clear that the risks of contagion of coronavirus increase in closed places , so the choice of destination is very important. These are the pros and cons of some types of destinations.

Rural tourism and mountain destinations
Traveling through Spain doing rural tourism and mountain destinations are being the great winner to travel during these times of pandemic due to the coronavirus.

One of the great advantages of rural tourism to travel during the coronavirus pandemic is that the essence of the trip is usually in private accommodation for the family or group traveling together. Therefore, contact with other people outside the group can be minimized.

Rural tourism is aimed at mountain destinations and outdoor nature in which there are usually no large crowds and therefore the risk of contagion is low. Capacity problems will affect us in a limited way if we opt for the rural , mountain and nature tourism option . Thus, for example, although we may find capacity limitations to enter a cave, it will not affect us to do a hiking route.

Visiting villages can be the time of greatest risk of contagion by coronavirus since there increases contact with other people, so we must always take into account the existing protocols in each place (mask, social distance, hydro-alcoholic gels in commerce and restaurants, etc). We can walk through the alleys and it is in our power to choose a restaurant with an outdoor terrace instead of an indoor one, or not to enter a shop with too many people. To enter the church, the castle, or the museum, equally be careful: gel, do not touch anything and do not get too close to other people. To have a drink at the end of the day… .. be careful !!!

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