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What Do You Have to Do to Work as a Security Guard?


The private security sector has been one of the least affected by the economic crisis and the modification of the Private Security Law , approved in April of this year, is expected to provide a new impetus to the sector. The new regulation expands the functions of security guards and the places in which they can exercise them, so it is foreseeable that the demand for professionals will increase throughout this year.

What are the functions of a security guard?

Until the recent changes in the aforementioned law, private security guards were limited to exercising their surveillance and protection work inside and around establishments and events, both private and public. However, at present they can also carry out their work in commercial and leisure complexes, as well as in the perimeter of  penitentiary  and internment centers for foreigners (CIE), carry out identity checks, in addition to complementing police action when requested. .

What steps do I need to take to be a security guard?

The first thing you must do to be able to work in the private security sector is to pass a course of 180 teaching hours distributed over six weeks in a center approved by the Ministry of the Interior . Of these 180 hours, at least half will have to be taught in person. Once the training modules and physical tests have been passed, the center will issue the corresponding certificate.

When you have obtained this diploma, you will be able to attend the tests called by the Secretary of State for Security in order to obtain the Professional Identity Card and register in the National Registry of Private Security , which will allow you to act as a jury guard . The requirements to take these tests, in addition to being in possession of the aforementioned diploma and an official medical certificate, are the following:

Be between 18 and 55 years old.
Have the Spanish nationality or a member state of the European Union.
Be in possession of the title of Graduate in ESO or equivalent.
Not having a criminal record or having been separated from service in any of the State Security Forces and Bodies.
The test consists of two parts, one theoretical and the other physical : fixed bar push-ups, medicine ball throw, vertical jump and 400 meters. The minimum marks vary depending on age and gender, so if you want to know in more detail how to pass these tests, you can consult the function table.

The second part involves taking a written questionnaire of 80 questions , to be completed in fifty minutes with a minimum grade of five out of ten.

How can you specialize in the field of private security?
In this sector it is also possible to specialize in order to have added value compared to other applicants for a job. There are many specific training courses, which must have a teaching load of at least ten hours taught in person. Among others, there are courses on X-ray surveillance , public transport watchdog , security dog ​​guide , airport security , public shows , etc. In the case of aspiring explosives vigilantes , they must pass a specific module of twenty questions in the theoretical section described above.

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