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How to Make Your Restaurant More Popular on Social Media?


What? Restaurants and social media? Are you nuts? Are you kidding me? Have you completely lost it! Well, this is exactly the kind of reaction you must be having right now after reading the headline. Calm down first. Restaurants and social media can be connected very well. Why not! If a corporate business can have a digital identity why not a restaurant! It’s a business too.

Take a look at how restaurant branding can be done in social media.

Look, it is damn important to create your presence digitally. But only creating an account on Twitter, or Facebook or Instagram is not just enough. There’s more to it. For connecting your audience in a meaningful manner, you have to start posting content that is attractive and engaging. Also, it should be in sync with the strategy that your restaurant has adopted.

  • Get to know your staff

Your staff is your business’s asset. Identifying their distinct talents, their expertise, their passion, personality, and personal connections is your job. Now stuff this informations into your blogs and posts and see what they create. It is for sure that the customers will hanker after your social media site. Mention three important things – one, share your chef’s favorite dish along with the recipe, second, portray how many students are interested in cooking, and third, announce the champion chef of every week.

  • Cross-promotion

Make use of one social media platform to promote other channels. For example, you get tons and tons of likes and love on Facebook but hardly any on Instagram. Do one thing. Mention your Instagram account in Facebook bio. The more connecting points that you can develop with your customers outside your restaurant, the more will they be drawn toward your restaurant.

  • Look behind the scenes

Customers like to sneak-peek into what’s happening in the chef’s kitchen. Make small snippets or videos of the inner workings of the restaurants. The behind the scene photos too should look larger than life.

  • Re-share content generated by the user

Make use of your customers, meaning if you find anything fascinating posted by your customer, repost or re-share it. This will work as an encouragement for your customer and will draw more people to your restaurants. Also, you can organize some challenges like this. Again and again, make sure the shares or the reposts that you are making are all related to the theme of your restaurant.

  • Share recommendations of top menus

Share the ideas of some classic menus with your customers. This can be done in a number of ways. You can share live videos, or make a collage of photos related to the recipe and attach it together. To make it a bit fun you can go for some graphic artwork too.

  • Post announcements in creative ways

While you are making any announcement, whether it is small or grand, try to input some creative ways into it. Make it look very attractive. Use colors, attractive fonts, and some music.

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