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Ways to Improve Your Time Management Skills


In today’s always-on, “always-on” world, it should come as no surprise that many workers find it difficult to focus on their work and are easily distracted. We are all “guilty” of looking at our Facebook account, sending messages on WhatsApp or taking a look at the latest news to catch up. To eliminate these distractions (and others) and help workers better manage their time, it is important to foster a healthy work-life balance, a positive environment, and a task-oriented work model .

According to Harvard Business Review , super productive people share a number of qualities, such as ambition when it comes to setting goals , problem-solving and teamwork skills, and determination to get results quickly (and efficiently).

How to get your team to get results quickly? And actively avoid distractions and focus on the tasks at hand? Here we describe five ways to improve productivity at work.

Track the time we spend on each task

One of the best ways to find out how we use time (and improve that use) is to track.
The worker should have a schedule that he can constantly modify. If a project is expected to require approximately three hours, you must block three hours to dedicate to that particular project and, after three hours, move on to the next, or take a break.

Harvard Business Review conducted a study on entrepreneurs and found that one of the top three skills they routinely lacked was time and self management. And this is not a problem exclusive to entrepreneurs. With the increase in the number of workers who work from home or have flexible hours , with their own hours and their own schedule, it is important to strengthen planning.

Get away from the smartphone (and social networks)

Over and over again we are told that being active on social media is essential for business , but what does that mean for workers?

Of course, social media is an integral element of some jobs (marketing, social media, public relations, advertising, etc.), so it is normal for some workers to search for the latest hashtags on Facebook or comment on the most recent posts. Recent posts on Instagram to increase the company’s social media presence.

But for everyone else, social media can be addictive as well as distracting, especially at work. To prevent workers from looking at the phone every time they hear it vibrate or see the screen light up, it’s a good idea to set up a phone-free space, especially during meetings .

It may be a matter of turning it off or leaving it saved. If workers want to see your messages while they wait for coffee to be made or go out for a walk, they can. But while at work, they should be working, not watching your direct messages or the latest release trailer.

 Organizing tasks clearly will change the way we work

To improve their time management skills, workers must know how to manage their time and tasks. Take for example an employee who has to complete fifteen tasks before the end of the day. It is almost five in the afternoon and he has only finished nine, and the six that he has left for last are the most important.

To avoid being in such a situation, we must prioritize our tasks and do the most important ones first. Whenever possible, the manager should specify which tasks are urgent and which are not.

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