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Tips for Traveling by Car With Children


Traveling by car with children on long journeys can be a difficult experience, but there are some tips and tricks to help you maximize your child’s safety and comfort. We tell you about them in this post.

Regulations for traveling with children by car
Legislation requires us to use a CRS suitable for the child in weight-height and age. Since the last modification of the 2015 Regulation, the use of CRS is mandatory up to 135 cm or 18 years of age to travel by car with children .

If we travel by rental car, the regulations are the same. Although rental companies have CRS and elevators, it is advisable to bring ours . In many cases, these are insecure CRS, lacking basic security elements. It is almost impossible to find a rear facing chair beyond group 0.

There are companies specialized in the rental of rear-facing seats in different cities in Spain, but if you make long trips with children , such as abroad, it is best to take them, whenever possible.

Keep in mind that outside the European Union the legislation is different and there are other homologation regulations, so your CRS may not be approved, for example in the USA, but it is preferable to prioritize the safety of our children before a possible fine .

Car seat for children on travel

Do you have to bring your chair on the plane?
In group 0 you will not have problems to transport your baby seat. Most airline companies allow you to bring your car seat. Try to be as protected as possible, since it is common that they can suffer damage in the hold of the plane.

Chairs in reverse on plane

There are chairs that are approved for use on the plane , so you can use it on the way and it will not suffer damage in transport.

Long car trips with children

Child comfort in the car

One of the most important factors for traveling by car with children is their comfort. If your little one travels in a rear- facing seat , proper reclining of the seat is essential , so that his head does not fall forward when sleeping. We recommend looking for a store specializing in rear-facing chairs , where you can test it and have it installed properly.

For older children who travel in favor of the march, it is also advisable to test the chair in our car before choosing. If the seat bench is very straight, it will reduce the recline of the chair, and it is essential to choose a chair with a tilting recline and with a good design so that the child travels comfortably.

If your head still falls off, the solution is a Nap up head clamp . We recommend this brand because it is the only insurance, as it is approved , and has been crash tested . The child’s head is held by a velcro system, and will release in the event of an impact.

Safety on long trips with children

Check frequently the correct installation of the car seat: ISOFIX connectors, tether tension, etc.

Avoid loose objects that could harm the child in the event of an impact. Be careful with the use of tablets and mobiles while traveling, although they are an alternative that we often resort to in moments of despair, they can become a potential projectile in the event of an accident. There are tablet insert back protectors that have passed crash test.

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