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The Best Romantic Places in the USA


Whenever we are thinking about romantic getaways, Europe or Asia comes up to our minds. Have you ever wondered why are you ditching the US? There are thousands of romantic getaways in the USA, but just because the America is a bit younger then most of the countries, they are far less known than say Paris and Milan. offer you to check out the best romantic getaways in the USA without further ado.

Napa Valley

Writer Robert Louis Stevenson, after visiting the Napa Valley in 1880s, proclaimed that “Wine is bottled poetry!”. Well, if luxurious hotel, fancy restaurants, and cozy wine cavers sound appealing to you, you would find Napa Valley one of the most romantic places in USA.


You may think that the USA has no romantic beach getaways? Well, you are absolutely wrong, as Kauai is one of the most romantic places in the world. Kauai has so much to offer to bring your romance to the next level. You can spend hours with your significant other on secluded beaches. You can relax at the one of the luxurious villas. You can also go hiking along the Na Pali Coast. And if you enjoy simple observing the nature, you would find those rainforests, cliffs and beaches just splendid.


Probably not one of the most affordable romantic getaways in USA, still worth your consideration. While staying in one of those chic barn rooms at the Forestville’s Farmhouse Inn for $600, you get the access to the wineries that are usually not open for casual customers. There is a local fare, where you can treat with the most delicious food. And of course, the beautiful scenery of California.


If visiting art-galleries while tasting the delicious meals of Southern cuisine, then Charleston is the best romantic getaway for you. The town is filled with historic buildings and art-galleries. Actually, you can choose whether to stop at one of those historic inns or at one of those beachfront resorts. And of course, Charleston is full of fancy restaurants and cafes that are perfect for Southern cuisine lovers.


Shopping, dinning and nightlife, paired with historic homes and sandy resorts? Nope, that’s not Nice and that’s not Madrid. That’s Savannah, with thousands of sidewalks that lead to thousands of historic buildings. So, if relaxing on the beach, eating out and observing historic buildings appeals to you, then Savannah is a place to go.

Cape Code

Lighthouses and miles of seashore seem to be the attributes of the most romantic place in the world? Then you should definitely go to Cape Code. The slow pace of forty miles of a seashore is perfect for those who prefer to forget about their daily routines, while on a romantic trip. Cape Code allows you to spend some quality time together.

Santa Barbara

You prefer romantic resorts that include relaxing on the beach, visiting art-museums and shopping? Again, that’s not Nice. It’s Santa Barbara – the best romantic getaway for all types of travellers. And don’t forget that when you worked up your appetite, after visiting museums and shopping on State Street, you can enjoy a tasty meal and a bottle of wine at one of the fancy restaurants or cafes of the town.

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