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How to Protect Your Dog’s Pads


How to take care of the dog’s pads? This area often suffers from minor scratches or wounds. The pads are the equivalent of human footwear and, like this, they fulfill the function of protecting from friction against the ground and cushioning the weight of the animal. In another Toppercan article we talked about how to trim a dog’s nails today and how to protect the dog’s pads .

Functions of the dog pads

As we have already mentioned, the dog’s pads have the mission of protecting their legs from the continuous impact against the ground and cushioning their weight, avoiding wear caused by friction, fractures and muscle damage.

The pads are made of a very resistant skin, which perfectly supports the contact of the animal’s legs with the ground. However, they are not exempt from damage caused by the type of floor, long walks, injuries, excessive heat, etc.

Injuries to the dog’s pads

Hyperkeratosis It consists of thickening of the skin and is related to other ailments, such as leishmaniasis and parvovirus . It is common in senior and obese dogs . Requires veterinary assistance.
Cracks are more common in dogs with hyperkeratosis. They are due to lack of hydration and excessive wear.
Cuts These usually occur when the animal steps on broken hooves, glass or other pointed objects. In these cases, we must take the animal and wrap its leg with a tissue or clean gauze. If he bleeds a lot, we can put hand pressure on gauze until the bleeding stops and take him to the vet. Try to bandage it yourself.
Burns When the ground our dog steps on is too hot it can cause burns. We can put his paws in cold water before taking him to the vet.

Spikes Can be inserted between the fingers and travel through the skin to other parts of the body. The migration of the spike causes a fistulous trajectory. Requires veterinary assistance. We must take special care not to let the dog walk in fields without mowing, with dry ears.
As a precaution we will check your pads after each ride.
They can be from another dog or animal, even a snake. Requires immediate veterinary assistance.
How to protect the dog’s pads?
We can stiffen and strengthen the pads of our furry friend so that they become more resistant to the conditions that cause wear. In this way we will avoid the appearance of sores and wounds due to contact with the ground in certain conditions.

Asphalt is one of the enemies of dog pads .
To counteract the wear caused by asphalt on the dog’s pads, it is convenient to alternate the walk on asphalt with that of green areas. This is an ideal method not only to avoid wear but also as a formula to get your pads used to the asphalt. In this way, we give the pads time to harden little by little.

Heat is also a damaging factor for the dog’s pads , as they burn when stepping on floors or materials that are exposed directly to the sun and have reached high temperatures. This can cause them pain and lead to sores.

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