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The Best Products to Take Care of Your Dog’s Hygiene


Having a dog, and in general any type of pet, is not something that we should conceive as a situation related to leisure or entertainment, in addition to being our faithful friend and pampering and feeding it, it is still a living being and therefore we must also give great importance to their hygiene. Especially in the case of dogs, they are the ones that throughout their lives catch a greater number of infections such as ma than known fleas. Precisely for this reason it is vital that your canine is groomed daily as this will prevent it from suffering from any disease of this type. If you thought that it was enough to bathe him three or four times a week you are wrong, since it is recommended that in addition to the bath, products that are well known in the human world are used, from a specialized shampoo to a nail clipper.Great discounts, so it will not be an excessive extra expense and your puppy will surely appreciate it by feeling clean, healthy and happy. Take note of the best products to take care of your canine’s hygiene.

1. Ear cleaner

One of the areas of the dog that must be taken care of on a weekly basis is its ears since they are very sensitive to infections and otitis, which are also extremely painful for them. In the event that your canine is one of those that has floppy ears, you should increase the regularity with which you clean its ears since it is very easy for dust, moisture and dirt to accumulate. To clean the ear there are specific products such as ear cleaner, which is usually easy to apply and quickly penetrates the skin of your dog, removing excess wax and dirt. In addition, this gel does not harm the skin of the animal since it is composed of a very mild non-ionic surfactant. Look especially for one that contains Australian Tea oil, since it stands out for its germicidal effect with which your dog will say goodbye to the bacteria that inhabit its ear. The cleaner is usually a kind of spray but be careful, you should never apply it directly on the animal, but the substance should be placed on a sterile towel or gauze and then with it, clean its ear from the inside to the outside. When you have finished, give it a little massage so that the gel takes effect and removes the wax. If you have any questions, consult your nearest veterinarian. When you have finished, give it a little massage so that the gel takes effect and removes the wax. If you have any questions, consult your nearest veterinarian. When you have finished, give it a little massage so that the gel takes effect and removes the wax. If you have any questions, consult your nearest veterinarian.

2. Shampoos

It is clear that bathing your dog will be much more effective with the right shampoo. You should look for a specific one depending on the breed since there are usually specific models for each canine and even for each hair color. On the other hand, when talking about shampoos, we also find that there are several types, such as those that protect the eyes, those indicated for irritated skin, natural shampoos that improve hair, medicinals indicated to take care of allergies or other skin diseases, antiparasitics . Regardless of those mentioned above, especially if you want to improve the state of your animal’s hair and in general its skin, we recommend one that fulfills three functions, specifically that it is anti-irritant, restructuring and antiseptic. If you are wondering how you get a shampoo to have these three effects on your dog, the answer is that it must be composed of Aloe Vera, Collagen, and olive leaf extract. Look for these three components in the product as they are essential to restore and maintain the skin and hair, in the case of wounds it helps to heal, and on the other hand it also maintains healthy skin. This would be the shampoo that you would apply naturally every time you bathe your canine, for this after bathing it and with the coat still wet, pour a little of the shampoo and rub it carefully, then wash it again and that’s it. We recommend this product as essential but if you want to improve the health of your canine’s hair or want to treat other types of conditions, you can use one of the ones mentioned above.

3. Nail clippers

Another fundamental part of caring for our pet is keeping their nails healthy. We do not recommend that you be the one to do it if you have never done it before, since it requires some technique and if you do not have it you could harm the animal or it could even harm you, since they get very nervous. In the event that you have already tamed your little beast in these types of situations, we recommend that you use a guillotine-shaped cutter since it is safer and easier to handle, although if this type of instrument does not convince you, you can also choose by the traditional scissor-shaped nail clipper. Try to make the cutter have a slightly curved area as this will make it easier to cut your canine’s nails without damaging it.

There are other specific products for oral and ocular hygiene and even colognes and cosmetics to eliminate bad odors from dogs. However, we believe that these three products are the essentials that every owner should know about. Find out more about the rest of the products and above all, do not forget to take care of the health and hygiene of your little faithful companion.

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