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7 Technological Products to Take Care of Your Dog


The technological revolution has transformed our lives. Smartphones, smartwatches and countless apps make our life easier. Now this technological revolution has reached pets . In this post we collect the best technological devices so that taking care of your dog is much easier.

  • Turbidog

It’s time to walk the dog and one of the worst times to have a dog arrives. You have to collect your stools with a bag in your hand and an unbearable smell in the environment.  suffering its odor and, most importantly, without a trace on the streets.

  • iFetch

We are sure that you have already seen the most famous dachshund on the net playing with this device. If not, here is the viral video that is sweeping the social networks.

This tech toy  is inspired by manual ball launchers. Its inventors, tired that their dog will not stop asking them to throw the ball to him, decided to build an automatic ball launcher . With   iFetch , the dog himself is responsible for putting the ball in the container and running off to find it. Ideal to not feel bad when you are tired and your dog wants to continue playing.

  • Disco Dog

Losing your dog is one of the worst things that could happen to you. Therefore, this vest with led lighting and its app will make you feel more at ease about it. The Disco Dog vest has a detector that will make the LEDs light up as soon as your dog moves away from the distance entered in the system. In addition, the LEDs will light up showing the message or style your same you ‘ve set up in the  app .

  • PetCube

How difficult it is to leave the house and leave our dog alone. We know that he will miss us and that he will surely destroy some of our belongings. For occasions like this the PetCube has been created  . A remote video control system , where you can not only monitor everything your dog does, but also, through the mobile app, you can send instant instructions and even play with a laser integrated into the device.The “fitbit” for dogs. Buddy is a collar with LEDs and GPS that controls every movement of your dog. Not only will you have the peace of mind of not losing it and that it is very visible at night, but you will also be able to monitor its daily activity , its health statistics and share it on social networks. A design and functional necklace to go to the latest fashion.

  • GoPro fetch

The cameras action and sticks selfie came to the market a while ago and here to stay. Its boom continues to boom and now the first accessories for dogs appear.

Who wouldn’t want to see the world as their dog sees it? For this reason,  GoPro, the best brand in the action camera market, has recently launched the  Fetch , a harness for dogs with which you can record all their movements . Now you will know how he got away or see the exact moment when he devoured your shoes.

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