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Basic Cat Care


Do you have a cat and you don’t know what basic care it needs? We tell you everything you need to know to keep your furry friend healthy and happy. Basic care of cats.

When they groom themselves, kittens eat a lot of dead hair, so brushing it is essential so that this amount is not excessive. Cats shed their fur throughout the year and a third of their day to day is focused on grooming. This is why taking care of your hair is so important. According to the breed of the cat, their care varies. Long-haired ones, like Persians , need daily brushing, detangling, brushing, and drying. Semi-long-haired cats like the Maine Coon only need a gentle brushing once a week, and with short-haired cats, such as the Siamese, gentle brushing is sufficient.

If our furry friend does not have a balanced diet, it will be reflected in his fur and it will fall more frequently. It can slow its growth and even make hair lose shine and break easily. With a balanced diet and with a supplement such as Pasta Malta or Pasta Beauty , hair growth is promoted so that it grows healthy and strong.

Hairballs that affect cats can be expelled naturally but they can also affect the gastrointestinal tract causing vomiting, diarrhea and loss of appetite. Feed such as Hairball Care help to naturally reduce the formation of these annoying hairballs and products such as Vet-Castril help to strengthen the gastrointestinal health of our pet.

The eyes of cats are very delicate and for that it is necessary to clean them carefully. The care of the cat’s eyes must be done in a meticulous way, dedicating greater importance to the internal part. Cleaning the ears of cats is also important since they should not have any type of dirt and for that you have to use a wet cotton compress and products such as Optifree , which keep the skin soft and hydrated and strengthen it.

Playing with your cat can be fun or a great nuisance if it has too long nails, to avoid scratches and other discomfort at home it is necessary to cut them. An easy way to clip your cat’s nails is to wrap it in a towel, leaving the head and legs out. By pressing the pads the kitten will remove the claws and with a nail clipper we can cut them, not forgetting that only the transparent part of the nail can be cut and never the pink one, since it can bleed.

Vaccinate and deworm your cat is essential for it to grow healthy. From 2 months of age, vaccination should be started to strengthen the development of the kitten’s immune system, which must be carried out by a qualified veterinarian.

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