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Tips for Traveling by Motorcycle in a Group


Traveling on a motorcycle in a group is an experience that every road lover should try and there is nothing better than traveling with friends with whom we share a hobby.

However, it will not be all that easy because from experience you will know that if planning a solo trip involves intense work, organizing a trip for a group of motorcyclists is a great responsibility. For this reason, we have prepared a series of basic tips for traveling by motorcycle in a group, since it is about that all members of the group enjoy the experience equally and of course, safety.

Head of route or «Captain of route»

It is evident that it will be much easier to coordinate a group of 4 or 5 bikers than one of 20. When sharing a road between several motorcycles we cannot position ourselves in any way because we would be making a very serious mistake that would harm our safety. We must be proactive and therefore, proper positioning will be of utmost importance when traveling by motorcycle in a group.

Although we all know the route, one of the group will have to lead the gang and the rest, follow him.

Travel by motorcycle in a small group: The guide or route captain will go in front and the rest ordered by level of driving (thus we avoid overtaking). If the guide is slower than us in the curves, we can carefully pass him and wait for him at the end of the section or on the turn he touches.

Traveling by motorcycle in a large group: You should also enjoy driving, it was just missing! but you must respect the guide at all times that is, do not overtake. The difference with the previous group is that in this case, the group must be closed by an experienced rider who knows the route well, since they must brake when riding slowly and go up when they are left behind due to overtaking or other circumstances.

It is preferable for motorists in the middle to circulate without overtaking and on wide, zigzag roads. This way they will achieve greater visibility and it will be safer for everyone. The group will only be in single file in the curves and always respecting the safety distances, as is logical.

Full tank

Imagine that you manage to organize a motorcycle trip with a group of 20 bikers, it is clear that not all will have the same motorcycle model, which implies that not all have the same storage capacity.

The fact that normally the meeting points established prior to starting a route are close to a gas station is not by chance. In this way, and with a full tank, we get everyone to start the route on equal terms.

In the same way that all motorists have the obligation to know the route of the trip, they must also worry about knowing the gas stations on it.

Position while walking

Respecting your position during a motorcycle trip can make the difference between a fright and an upset. As we have already mentioned above, the position of the motorcycles within a group must be in a zig zag because with this position we will be able to have a greater reaction time.

Riding a motorcycle in single file is not safe because our vision will be considerably reduced and the risk of colliding with the partner in front is higher.

Safety distance

The driver of a moped driving behind another vehicle must leave a distance between them that allows him to stop the moped without colliding with the vehicle in front, in the event of sudden braking.

The safety distance you must leave will be greater or less depending on the speed at which you are traveling, the condition of the road and the vehicle (wheels and brakes), as well as the capabilities of the driver and the visibility conditions.

In the event that the atmospheric conditions are not ideal or the pavements are in poor condition, we must further increase the safety distance from the vehicles in front.

Regrouping and key stops

To make traveling by motorcycle in a group a success, we must ensure that everyone enjoys the route and respect the rhythm of each one, which can lead to the breakdown. To regroup, the ideal is to slow down during the straights and / or stop at the crossroads or shoulders enabled when we no longer see the teammates in the rear-view mirror.

Accelerating on the straights is easy and there is a radar waiting for you, too. Ride with caution and respect the speed limits.

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